History of fashion and costume

In this training course, Hortense and Brigitte the fashion experts will take you back in time. They will teach you the history of fashion and culture from 1780 to 1980. Hortense and Brigitte imagined the saga of the Datour family, how these young women have crossed eras and trends in fashion and costume from generation to generation, the impact of society, personal objects of each of them, punctuated by historical anecdotes, you will study fashion and its mechanism that structure codes and forge a link with society.

Objectifs pédagogiques
  • 1780/1800 fashion History : The Revolution
  • 1800/1820 fashion History : The Empire
  • 1820/1840 fashion History : The romantic era
  • 1840/1860 fashion History : The Napoleon III era
  • 1860/1880 fashion History : Third Republic
  • 1880/1900 fashion History : The industrial revolution
  • 1900/1920 fashion History : War 14/18
  • 1920/1940 fashion History : The Roaring Twenties
  • 1940/1960 fashion History : War and after war
  • 1960/1980 fashion History : The 30 glorious

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Program overview
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You will  acquired a global vision of fashion Design with all cultural, economic and social dimensions; you will also discover the art of fashion from the 1780 to 1980. 

Throughout this training course, you will travel back in time using video lessons, course materials and validate your skills with a workbook.

The active pedagogy of our experts and coaches will allow you to improve your skills and achieve your School Online University certificate "history of fashion and costume".

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