Flower design

In this training course, Arielle shares with you her unique ideas of flower design, how she visualizes a flower installation, prepares and draws inspirations for her clients from different sources such as environments, and colors to create unique compositions and decorations for wedding and wonderful events.

Objectifs pédagogiques
  • Offer coherent universes to your client
  • The main tools for your future creations
  • Colors and inspirations
  • Flower families
  • Project management
  • Techniques of realization
  • The practice of flower design

In this training, Arielle will share with you all of her work methodology of flower design. Several study cases, a list of flowers and the materials used. It will be up to you to carry out your plants using detailed statements that Arielle imagined for you.

At the end of this course you will be able to realize splendid flower design, you will have acquired a vocabulary and a professional culture.

You will follow the steps and create your flower design using the video courses, course materials and validate your skills with a practical notebook composed of more than 40 exercises.

The active pedagogy of our experts will allow you to improve your skills and achieve your School Online University "Flower design" certificate.

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